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Inner Mongolia Nadam Tourist Festival
Time: Around July 15 every year
Venue: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Origin: In Mongolian the word ¡°nadam¡± means ¡°amusement and entertainment.¡± The Nadam Festival is a traditional occasion for Mongols to get together for a few days of festivity. In the past, herdsmen in the region gathered in summer to sacrifice to celestial beings and amuse themselves in celebration of a thriving animal husbandry. Later, the Nadam Festival has become a ten-day event at the banner or sumu level during the summer-autumn interregnum. Now the festival has acquired a new name, ¡°Nadam Grassland Tourist Festival¡±.

What¡¯s On: Horse racing, archery, and wrestling; the Mani Festival, Yuan-dynasty imperial banquets, wedding in the ethnic Erdos style, sacrificial rituals at Genghis Khan¡¯s mausoleum, tours of the Hot Spring Forest, Mongolian folklore show; and business activities.