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Qufu International Confucian Festival
Time: September 26-October 10 every year.
Venue: Qufu, Shangdong Province.
Origin: Confucius, a celebrated thinker and educator, was born on the 27th day of the 8th lunar month (towards the end of September in 551 BC in Qufu. Since ancient times, the anniversary of his birth has been marked in Qufu in the pomp and pageantry of sacrificial rituals. Since 1984 the local tourist authorities have launched a tour of the native place of Confucius on his birthday, to the delight of travelers from at home and abroad. In 1989, the program was renamed International Confucian Festival.

What¡¯s On: A grand ceremony to offer libation and sacrifices to Confucius, performances of music and dance in tribute to Confucius, exhibition on the life and accomplishments of Confucius, calligraphic show, the Confucian mansion, temple and forest (graveyard), Nishan (where the sage was born), and thematic tours designed to acquaint visitors with Confucius¡¯ academic activities, the wedding customs in his hometown and the cuisine of his family kitchen.