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ChangAn(Xian) Calligraphic Conference
Time: November every year.
Venue: XiĄŻan, Shaanxi Province.

Origin: The annual ChangĄŻan International Calligraphic Conference is an important national tourist program. For Shaanxi Province, it is also a large-scale activity involving foreign visitors. Since its inception, the conference has attracted calligraphers, calligraphic fans and tourists from all over the world. The conference is designed to publicize the image of Shaanxi Province and promote local tourism.

WhatĄŻs On: The grand opening ceremony, inscribing a 100-meter-long scroll, meetings of famous calligraphers from China and the rest of the world, calligraphy exhibition, auctions of works of calligraphy and paintings by famous Chinese artists. Each conference attracts nearly 1,000 calligraphers and tourists.